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7 traits the most influential people share

7 characteristics that define the most influential people in the world

Although the rise of the digital world and, in particular of social networks, has led to the creation of several courses (including university courses) on how to become an influencer, showing ourselves as influential people in our niche remains difficult.

How to become influential people in your niche

The ability to influence others in everyday life is not taught at school. Nor do parents do it. Nonetheless, we have all had someone capable of exerting influence, negative or positive, on us and our attitudes. These people may have been our parents, singers who accompanied us during teenagehood or great successful entrepreneurs who inspired us with their ideas from an early age, just to name a few.

Today, however, we will focus on positive influence, on those who constantly motivate us to continue and move forward, spurring us to achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

Common traits influential people share

A question arises spontaneously. How do you become an influencer or rather an influential person? And above all, how to exert our influence on others? Although influential people are all different, they share common traits that make them inspiring in the eyes of all of us.

Which ones are they? Success magazine identified them.

For the purpose of the research, the magazine asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council, an invitation-only community for entrepreneurs under 45, who were the most influential people in their lives and their distinctive characteristics. Let’s see 7 of them together.

1. They help others succeed.

Have you noticed? Influential people in business and in life are the ones who train and empower. They set up companies that can function without them. They, therefore, offer others an opportunity to be successful. Consequently, it is not we who gravitate towards influential individuals, but the opposite.

2. They are masters of communication.

This point is not surprising. Though with styles and methods, influential people are excellent communicators. They make them the art of mass communication and personal persuasion. Not surprisingly, they are the most influential individuals in society. Consequently, the more effectively you are able to convey your message, the more you will be able to influence others.

3. They are excellent listeners.

We are easily enthused and influenced by people with an opinion or an answer for everything. How is it possible? The answer is simple. We must learn to listen. By taking the time to listen, influential leaders are able to understand and provide better decisions, feedback and advice.

4. They take their own responsibilities.

Influential people always take responsibility, both for their failures and their successes. True leaders know that the key to their success is to value others. In turn, the latter will elevate your person.

When things go wrong, they take responsibility for what they do rather than blaming other people. Having control over themselves allows these people to have control over the world around them and, therefore, to influence it. leaders have true control over themselves and, ultimately, the world around them.

4. They are thirsty for knowledge.

The most influential people are avid seekers of knowledge. Many of them often read books with the aim of always learning something new. Reading and finding new ways of thinking are therefore essential. Highly influential people bring out the best in others with ease. Clearly, their knowledge makes this possible.

5. They think outside the box.

A characteristic common to those who have a great impact on people’s lives is their way of thinking. They are not afraid to support and defend their ideas, even if they are unconventional. The mission is not to find good ideas, but to have the confidence to support them even in public.

6. They love to read.

Most of the world’s most influential successful entrepreneurs are voracious readers. Despite the many daily activities, they always find time to read. As already mentioned in point 5, reading prepares for success. In books you constantly learn new things and apply them in real life.

Act as a leader and start exercising your influence

These are just some of the traits Successful leaders and influential people share. How many did you know and how many do you already nail? Since the example is the best teaching, you just have to put them into practice and begin to exert your influence.



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