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Businesses for Blockchain

In 2021 the blockchain technology market stood at $5.92 billion.  It is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 85.9% from 2022 to 2030.   Are you ready?  source

We leverage Dragonchain, the most SECURE and FLEXIBLE blockchain platform out there, to quickly solve the complex real-world challenges facing today’s Enterprise. 


Originally created at the Walt Disney Company in 2014,  Dragonchain is a commercial-grade hybrid blockchain designed for rapid development and deployment.

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Blockchain adds value to businesses

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By 2030 Blockchain will become a mainstream technology, adding billions and trillions in value to businesses that use it.













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Solving business problems at scale

$20 billion

Expected annual growth revenues for blockchain by 2024


Financial sector currently accounts for 60% of the blockchain market

$360 billion

Estimated added value for businesses by 2026 who implement blockchain-based projects 


Of companies have already implemented blockchain

Dragonchain identifies your business challenge and offers business-ready applications than can be implemented with ease.

Developer-friendly solutions, easing your transition into the billion-dollar industry.

Are you ready?

Banking is only the beginning: Blockchain is transforming industries

What complex business problem, do you need to solve?

Are you having problems with fraud and need more transparancy?

Try: Anti-fraud & Compliance

Fintech suite to prove regulatory compliance, data records, and provide selective transparency to internal employees, external third parties, regulators, and consumers.

Want to incentivise with rewards yet you need to reduce company costs?

Try: Loyalty & Rewards with Behavior Systems

Discover new modeling, retention, and loyalty incentive methods for improved customer satisfaction. Motivate employees, partners, or customers to follow a prescribed process.

Do you need help verifying the fairness of the game for each player?

Try: Provably Fair

Provide measurable and immutable proof that a contest, raffle, sweepstakes, or eSports tournament is fair to all participants.

Are your customers seeking better ownership of their data?

Try: Decentralized Identity

Factor is a GDPR and CCPA capable identity management platform to increase security, reduce risk of customer PII storage, and simplify authentication.

Do you need more clarity on who owns what to track what assets are being used?

Try: Enterprise NFTs

From tracking supply chain information, to settling money transfers, to controlling access to data between organizations, Enterprise NFTs will revolutionize asset management and ownership.

Do you need to protect your digital signature from vulnerable attacks?

Try: Quantum Safe

Quantum-safe encryption and signing capabilities integrated at the core of the Dragonchain hybrid blockchain architecture.

Banks are investing $50 billion in Blockchain Tech 

Some of the world’s largest banks are investing about $50 billion to build a blockchain-based digital cash settlement system.


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For Business

We offer a wide range of solutions, book a call and lets identify your key challenges and we'll give you a menu of services as to how we can help.

Blockchain Developer

For Developers

Dragonchain offers a restful API allowing you to easily read and write to your own blockchain.

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