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2012 Trading Club

A community of professional Traders trading live, from identifying opportunities in the market through to placing the trades in front of a LIVE audience.

Problem to solve

Potential customers were attending weekend so called "Trading Guru" events and were disappointed when they realised you cannot make a million in 30 days......

Learning to trade the financial markets is a journey and involves a roller coaster of emotions. A number of people wanted to join the retail market however didn't know how to get started, or, if they did, were burnt by the so called "Trading Guru" events.


By combining theory and practical educational solutions, the Trading Club was born.

The Trading Club, lead by a group of professional traders open their doors to the public, by showing them how they trade on a real trading account.

Watch live how the traders analysis the markets and identity opportunities, as well as placing trades.

For those interested in the theory, a full suite of educational videos are availble at a click of button.

Membership is monthly so users can choose when they want to stop, and when they are ready to start trading on a real account.

Key Features

  • +500 educatonal videos developed on Stocks, Options, Commodities, Future Intraday Trading

  • +200 educational videos developed on Investing

  • Weekly educational email series

  • Weekly x 4 Live Trading webinars

  • Weekly x 2 Interactive in-depth market analysis

  • Education trading and investing blog


Power in Numbers

+1 million

Youtube Views


Clients Trained


Ventures and Projects Created

Project Gallery

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