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2013 Alpha4All Ltd

Develops new ventures every year, each with the same goal; to EMPOWER everyone to achieve their financial goals.

Problem to solve

We wanted to "remove the barrier to entry", and the perception that you need a broker to invest in the financial markets. People were unaware of how to educate themselves without paying high fees or a brokerage.

The mission of "simplifying the world of finance for non-financial people" began.


Due to customer demand, the vision and product offering expanded over a ten-year journey into; Financial Education, Financial Psychology, Personal Development and Blockchain technologies.

Every new venture or product developed started with the same goal; to EMPOWER everyone to achieve their financial goals.

The Process

  • Ideate: The innovation starts by identifying a problem that needs to be solved and mapping out how.

  • Validate: We build a series of experiments that will confirm or reject the assumptions about the product or service idea.

  • Create: We'll develop and deploy the product or service by forming a winning team.

  • Scale: We are scaling through partnerships, licensing or globalisation.

Key Features

  • Ventures Created and Developed:

    • Alpha4All Ltd - Develop award-winning business ventures or products by identifying new market trends with sky-high growth potential.

    • Assistenza Brokers srl - Voted the No1 Educational Coach in the Interactive Brokers MarketPlace (Italy).

    • Alpha4All Academy srl - The ONLY trading community where you can share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories AND get access to all the education you need.

    • T-Sniper Ltd - Specialize in custom-tailored software solutions within the Financial Education Industry.

  • Products Created and Developed:

    • Trading Club - A community of professional Traders trading live, from identifying opportunities in the market through to placing the trades in front of a LIVE audience.

    • Investors Club - Elite group of Investors share there hot picks and analyses for growth sectors.

    • Trading Taxes - Trading Taxes made easy.

    • T-Sniper Trading Software - All-in-one Trading Strategies and Software for speed of light investment opportunities.

    • Become a Trading or Investing Coach - Train the trainer financial education programme for those seeking a new career.

    • Trading Psychology - Learn how to increase your financial returns by up to 50% by understanding your risk trading profile.

    • Statistical Analysis Software - Use 30 years of historical data to make future predictions on financial market opportunities.

    • AI Trading Software - Let the AI work for you! At a click of button, identify what opportunities are hot and not!

    • Alpha4Al Italia - Your Gateway to financial independence is born! The A-Z of the financial markets.

    • Legal and Tax Education - Education and coaching on all training and investment legal and financial matters.

    • Scarr Charts - Trading Statistical Analysis Made Simple


Power in Numbers

+1 million

Youtube Views


Clients Trained


Ventures and Projects Created

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