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2014 Trading Tax Education

Trading Taxes made easy.

Problem to solve

Service: Italy Only

A number of customers wanted to start trading, although were discouraged by the end of year complicated tax process to the tax authorities.

Large penalities can occur if this is manage incorrectly and often, online brockerage firms do not simpfly this process for Italians.


Working with a team of accountants and lawyers, we developed a low-cost, effective solution complimentary to each online broker. Simplfying the tax process ensuring its easy to understand for the end user.

A team of professional accountants and lawyers ran weekly events answering common questions and doubts about the process.

Key Features

  • Trading and Investing tax submission process

  • +50 educatonal videos

  • Weekly educational email series

  • Education trading and investing blog


Power in Numbers

+1 million

Youtube Views


Clients Trained


Ventures and Projects Created

Project Gallery

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