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2016 T-Sniper Trading Software

All-in-one Trading Strategies and Software for speed of light investment opportunities.

Problem to solve

Potential customers were looking for an eaiser solution to identify opportunities in the market place.

No one had times for education videos, they wanted potential idea's at a click of a button.


Developed the T-Future software that combines data, charts and trading all-in-one.

Data, charts & trading in one platform

  • With Footprint charts you can triple the understanding of each bar, as you can see price, volume and order flow. High Definition Charts: Watch the price movement tick by tick, for unique accuracy. T-Future will be the only ally you will need.

Automatic daily analyzes

  • Speed ​​is essential in the markets.

  • T-Future provides peak volume analysis , operational areas and historical data .

  • All automatically!

The all-in-one successful trader's tool:

  • Replay function to be able to review your trades

  • Multiple and advanced charts

  • Volumetric analysis tools

  • Intuitive and easy to use

Key Features

  • The software includes:

    • Footprint chart

    • Market In-depth analysis

    • Daily automatic analyser

    • Trading Psychology

  • Underlyings: NQ - ES - YM - DAX - ESTX50 - GBL - EUR.USD

  • Graphics: Recap Omnia - [Current]Historical - [1min]Hybrid FOOTPRINT - [1min]Candlestick - [5min]Candlestick - ETGR[10ticks]FOOTPRINT - ETGR[20ticks]FOOTPRINT - SNAKE

  • Compatible with Interactive Brokers TWS (also DEMO). Possibility to request a compatibility test with your broker. Available for PC and Mac (in windows environment).


Power in Numbers

+1 million

Youtube Views


Clients Trained


Ventures and Projects Created

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