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2018 Trading Psychology

Learn how to increase your financial returns by up to 50% by understanding your risk trading profile.

Problem to solve

Traders were not happy with their performance and financial portfolio's.

They were making impulsive trading which was impacting their earning potential.

Even though they were appear of market bubbles, they found themselves falling into the same traps, ultimately affecting their performance.


Developed a practical online programme "Behavioural Alpha" that combined:

  • personality profiling

  • behavioural finance

  • neuroscience

The research group managed to increase their financial performance by up to 50%.

Behavioral Alpha was designed for traders, investors, financial advisors, CFOs, COOs, managers and executives in the fields of research, strategy, finance and risk management.

The programme helps you to:

  • Establish your ideal money management by increasing your chances of sustainable success.

  • Develop the ideal trading portfolio for your personality and not the optimal generic portfolio.

  • Identify your behavioral patterns and how they can put a spoke in the wheel of your trading.

  • Overcoming mental blocks that can slow down your performance.

  • Discover your mental shortcuts and whether you are driven by instinct or logic.

  • Discover your earning potential based on your natural tendencies, in order to set realistic career goals.

  • Manage your energy better and avoid impulsive trading .

  • Stop over or underestimating the odds based on how your mind perceives them.

  • Develop unwavering motivation and new techniques to have more confidence in your abilities .

  • Learn from the bubbles and financial market crises of the past.

  • Get + 50% boosted results .

Key Features

  • Premium profiling questionnaire and downloadable detailed report of your personality and risk tolerance level.

  • 24 advanced educational videos to make learning easier.

  • Behavioral Finance Masterclass with +70 modules to explore the way you think and make decisions in the financial sphere.

  • Up to 10 manuals with practical exercises and wizards to challenge you.

  • Continuous dialogue with a community of people who want to improve themselves and accelerate their performance in life and investments.

  • More than 22 Bonuses to accelerate your performances!


Power in Numbers

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