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2020 Statistical Analysis Software

Use 30 years of historical data to make future predictions on financial market opportunities.

Problem to solve

Italian Market

Traders where seeking a way to simplify reviewing historical trading patterns, ultimately trying to find new opportunities within Commodity trading.

Looking for an easy to use software that highlighted, only the information they needed to know, by identifying historical patterns that are likely to be repeated in the future.


Developed a simple to use commodities statistical analysis software, allowing the user to view 30 years of historical data. The user will be able to identify historical market trends which can potentially be repeated in the future.

Proven to improve your performance by + 40%, it allows you to test a trading strategy and see how it would have performend, comparing it to +30 years of statistics.

The advanced algorithm identifies a change commodity prices, favorable technical conditions, cost of carry, COT reports, volumes and volatility to provide the user with the most accurate analysis of the market.

Key Features

  • 30 years of historical market data

  • Strategies - Trade Explorer

Find the best opportunities with our Trade Explorer, and analyze those offered according to your risk appetite.

  • Save time , let the algorithm scan the market for you and find the best strategies.

  • Trade in relaxation , thanks to the indication of the risk and the day of entry and exit you can avoid the roller coaster of emotions.

  • Improve performance and get results up to + 40% higher, like our customers.

Trade Explore is based on numerous variables and over 30 years of statistical data that allow you to scan the market and calculate the risk for stable long-term profits.

  • Watchlist - Favourites

The Watchlist has many features that will allow you to save a lot of time and energy. In a few seconds you can:

  • Save your favorite strategies in the watchlist.

  • Create your watchlists according to dynamic parameters and never miss a single opportunity on the markets, thanks to watchlists.

The most requested parameters:

  • Ticker

  • Strike

  • Sector

  • Position

  • Open/Close Date

  • RSI

  • Risk Manager - Protection

Save time by centralizing your risk management and integrating it with your stock watchlist to protect your profits. By pre-setting the parameters of your account, the maximum loss and the margin dedicated to each operation, you can automatically create your risk management for each strategy and how many contracts you need to make a profit. Forget complicated calculations, Alpha4Charts will take care of everything, once you have set up the fields and you will have everything easily at your fingertips.

  • Most used general parameters

    • Capital available

    • Maximum Loss of each trade

    • Dedicated capital

    • Margin Dedicated to each trade

  • Transaction data

    • Price

    • Margin

    • Maximum stop price

    • Maximum number of contracts

    • Position

  • Charts - Price Continous, Calculator, Quotes, Historical, Heatmap, Stacked

Our interactive charts allow you to automate most of your technical analysis.

This way you can find better opportunities faster and avoid costly mistakes by learning from the past thanks to +30 years of statistics.

The uniqueness of Alpha4Charts charts is that they position the seasonal averages in perfect scale with respect to the current price .

  • Scanning - 20 scanners available

Choose the parameters you want to set and discover the strategies the market has to offer with those requirements. You will also be able to see for each the percentage of profitability based on +30 years of cross-statistical data.

You can do research based on the ticker and position (long or short) or dive into the depths of the commodity market by entering parameters such as the RRR (risk-reward ratio) and Appd (average daily profit).

The beauty is that it's all presented in a visual and engaging way, and you can save the parameters in the watchlist to have them just a click away.

  • The parameters most used by our customers

    • Ticker

    • Position

    • Profitability

    • But you will find many others.

    • Appd: Average profit per day

    • RRR: Risk-Return Ratio

    • Days


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