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How to make money: the Best Books of All Time

5 Personal Finance Books that teach you how to make money

What are the best personal finance books of all time that educate on how to make money? Before finding the answer, we should ask ourselves a question. What is the best way to start a business or to approach financial independence?

First of all, you have to start learning. We must be sponges that absorb all the knowledge of people who have already achieved our goal. This requires an important investment, perhaps the only one that will probably be profitable: your time.

The books you should read to make money and reach financial independence

Training is the basis of financial independence, theoretically and mentally. It is the beliefs about money that determine your relationship with it. Spending your first money on books that help you do this could be the most important choice in your life. So, which are the most educational books to approach money and managing your finances? Below I’ve listed some of the ones that have changed the lives of millions of people. They could dramatically improve yours too.

Rich father Poor father: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

The author of this fantastic book is Robert T. Kiyosaki, entrepreneur, writer and popularizer. Kiyosaki is a very famous bestseller author that completely changed the vision of money.

The current school system teaches nothing about managing finances. It does not even approach the creation of a business or a company. Today the common vision leads us to the belief that a large salary is needed to get rich. It is not like that at all.

In Rich Father Poor Dad , Kiyosaki tells how his education was influenced by two “fathers”: one “rich” and one “poor”. According to the poor man, success can be achieved by working hard to get a good place in a company. The rich man, instead, teaches him how to possess it. The rich one works for money, whereas the poor one makes money work for him.

It is a book that will open the doors to a world perhaps unknown to you. It will take you to work to learn, not to earn.

The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want

This book talks not only about money but also about much broader concepts. Joe Vitale is the author. He is an entrepreneur who started from scratch after so many homeless difficulties.

Vitale explains that thoughts actively influence our life every single day. Everything is energy, our destiny depends exclusively on our mind and our actions. Wealth is primarily a state of mind, secondly a bank account.

What happens to us is nothing but the result of what we unconsciously want. All of our false sabotaging beliefs take us away from our goals, and thanks to this essay you will find out what yours are. Vitale identifies 10 methods to exploit the mysterious and incredible law of attraction in a productive way.

For those wishing to delve deeper into this topic, there is also the documentary “The secret”. It deals with the testimonies of people who have achieved formidable results with the power of positive thinking.

The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

Timothy Ferriss wrote this true masterpiece. Ferriss is an entrepreneur who has gradually built up his financial independence. Now he only dedicates 4 hours a week to work.

He was one of the first to illustrate all the secrets of the new rich, that is, people who follow an alternative life path. Their wealth lies in leisure and mobility, rather than in “slave labour, savings and then retirement”. Thanks to his time Ferriss was world tango champion and national kickboxing champion of China.

His success began with the intuition that 20 per cent of its customers generated 80 per cent of the profits. He saved time and effort by maximizing the results obtained. The New York Time wrote: “Ferriss is spreading a lifestyle revolution”. Thanks to this book he shows us how with the motivation we can all manage to achieve our goals.

The Intelligent Investors

You cannot mention The Intelligent Investor when it comes to investments and money. In 1973 the first print came out, revisited and deepened over the following years. Despite longevity, it remains a very current book, a reference point for most investors even today. These include the famous Warren Buffett.

Author Benjamin Graham defines many guidelines for being a good investor. He also dwells a lot on long-term assets. In addition, he specifies that when you buy a stock, you become the owner of it for decades or even forever.

The topics covered are numerous, ranging from inflation to taxation, to the history of the market and its crises from 29 until today. It divides investors into two types: long term and short term. Furthermore, Graham analyzes them both mentally and financially. It is a fundamental book for those approaching the investing world.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

It is a true game-changer. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is an international bestseller distributed across numerous Countries.

The author T. Harv Eker became a millionaire in just two and a half years. He started from scratch thanks to his psychological approach to financial difficulties.

The book is divided into 2 parts. The first one defines the “Money identification model”, while the second part how to change it through our actions. Childhood and social class influence the way you approach money.

Eker compares the investor to a carpenter. The means of work represent financial knowledge, their manual skills, instead, the application of these notions.

External work consists in limiting the knowledge acquired, internal work instead lies in the mental approach. According to some research, most of the lottery winners after a short time return to the initial or worse financial conditions. This means that in order to reap good fruit, one must first change the roots. Are you ready to do it?

Why reading books is beneficial to your personal finance

Even if you have long been in the world of finance and have never had the opportunity to read these texts, now you have the opportunity to do it. Money management is like a sport, you need to know the rules of the game, have competent coaches and devote yourself to constant training. Reading is a very effective way to do it and it will give you countless satisfactions. Are you ready to start?


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