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How to Build a Successful Business from Scratch

7 Key Tips for Growing a Successful Business

What makes a business successful? In this article, you will learn 7 key tips to build a successful business from scratch and excel in your business life.

It is a difficult period for the world economy. However, do not forget that it is precisely in these moments that the best opportunities for our personal and professional growth arise. In fact, companies like Apple, Microsoft or Disney were born precisely in times of economic recession.

If you are able to overcome these difficulties, you will also be able to dominate any market, in any country.

Therefore, to allow you to excel in your area of ​​expertise, below we will list 7 very important steps to take to create a successful business. All the most profitable companies started from these.

These tips include strategies and values ​​to internalize, because a solid and profitable business as well as success itself starts first of all from our head.

Success” comes from the verb “to succeed”. It is assumed that a change must take place. The first place to act is right in your mind, and in your beliefs. Subsequently, you can take care of other purely business aspects.

How to make your small business successful

1. Make peace with money

Imagine you eating in a nice restaurant. The food is very good and the owner is a very dear friend of yours. He asks you to pass the word on to your acquaintances, to advertise and bring as many people to him as possible.

You will be delighted to do so because he is your friend and the food is really good. In fact, you manage to bring many customers to him thanks to your word of mouth.

Now suppose he offers you 10 euros for each person you bring to him. Suddenly, your carelessness in making a kind gesture would suddenly vanish and you would no longer be able to carry so many covers. Why does it happen?

Because you would not feel suitable, nor ready. You would feel it like a job, that is an obligation. You simply haven’t made peace with money.

Limiting beliefs about money

Making a nice gesture, like helping a friend, we’ve all done it. What happens less is that someone offers us money to do it. Why is this exactly what changes everything?

Knowing that you will get money for every person you pass the word on will generate expectations in you.

These in turn generate fear as your success is inextricably linked to the result you will get. In fact, if you manage to bring many people you will be happy, vice versa otherwise.

Consequently, the fear of not succeeding causes an emotional block and a loss of self-esteem, and therefore a poor result.

This whole process takes place in our unconscious, in less than 1 second. Its effect, however, lasts over the years even in your business.

So, make peace with money. Don’t think you don’t deserve a reward for your hard work. It is not something you are begging for, it is simply rightfully yours!

We all have the right to abundance and prosperity.

2. Change your mindset

Have you ever noticed that when you ask someone “how are you?” Does he always answer you the same way? That is, that everything is bad, or that everything is fine.

Our quality of life is only 10 per cent dependent on random events. The remaining 90 per cent depends on our reaction to them, as well as our actions.

For example, a car does not give you the right of way at an intersection, narrowly escaping the accident.

There are two different extreme reactions to this event.

The first is anger and rage at the lack of prudence of the driver of the other car, who did not respect the stop. The second is of relief for having escaped a rear-end collision.

There are no right or wrong reactions, only useful or harmful for you. They come from your basic mindset.

Our thoughts generate our words, which in turn generate actions, and therefore our habits. In fact, it is the latter that determine your quality of life.

3. Draw a business map

It is very important for a company and for the business in general to have a clear shot and long term plan.

All the best companies in the world have reference maps of plans for the week, month and years to come.

To make one, just ask yourself a few questions, for example:

  • Where are you with your business? Are you getting the results you want?

  • Where do you want to go? What’s your goal?

  • What is your operational plan to achieve it?

  • What are the resources needed?

  • How long do you want to make it happen?

4. Create value on what you sell

A lot of people have quality products in their hands, but they still can’t sell anything. This is because they are not good at highlighting the value of what they sell.

The truth is, it’s not what you say that matters, it’s what people perceive. Communication takes place under several layers deep in our minds.

You are nothing more than a “vehicle of perception”, that is, a ferryman of sensations. In fact, every time you speak, your interlocutor subconsciously evaluates many variables, in addition to words. For example, the tone of voice, posture, volume, facial expressions.

He subconsciously immediately perceives if and when you lie.

Therefore, if you sell a valuable product, it is not enough just to communicate it. You also must be able to make it perceive to others.

5. Identify the main needs in your industry

To create value, you have to offer something of value. Therefore, if you are aware that the product you are selling is poor, it would be unethical to propose it to others.

The value of things comes from needs.

Whatsapp was born to give the possibility to communicate remotely instantly. IKEA was born to give the possibility of not spending excessively to furnish the home. Amazon was born to give the possibility to buy without physically going to a store.

All the major successful companies have achieved their glory by responding to a specific need of people.

6. Stay up to date continuously

Some time ago, during an interview, a journalist asked an Italian comedian the secret of comedy. He replied that it resides in dragging and transporting the audience wherever you want, not the other way around.

In business, it works the same way. So, once you reach a specific clientele, you will have to be the one to drag them in the direction you intend to take. To do this, you must necessarily keep up with the development of your sector, always proposing innovations.

Therefore, always stay up to date on news. Take advantage of your free time for training courses, to renew yourself and evolve more and more.

7. Turn your customers into real fans

Once you have created your clientele, now you could go further, turning it into a group of real supporters.

Apple Inc., for example, has practically adopted this policy since it was founded. It can be said that his customers are real fans.

In fact, they feel part of a circle, of an elite. If you think about it, this is also what pushes them to buy more Apple products, and not to detach themselves from the brand anymore.

The specialty of this company is to satisfy two opposite primary needs at the same time.

The first is that of union and relationship because the fans feel they are part of a huge group of fans. The second is that of uniqueness, promoted through the slogan Think different.

All the major world-class companies adopt this policy, with results for all to see.

So, why not start creating a small group of fans in your own small way?


We have seen 7 tips to build a successful and profitable business from scratch. As you have understood the fundamental element for the turning point of our business starts from ourselves and from our mind.



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