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How To Train Your Brain in 5 Simple Exercises

Top 5 Brain Excercise to Train You Brain every day

Want to train your brain? In today’s article, you will learn the best brain exercises to train your brain fitness and improve yourself day by day.

Many people often complain about their life. While this is not one of the best ways to react, it is an understandable condition.

In fact, very few are really happy with how things are going. There is always at least one area that does not make us enthusiastic, which can be work, relationships, finances or recurring negative emotions.

Contrary to what one might think, if we think about it, it is the brain that directs our life, more than the heart. Once the brain activity flattens forever, very little remains of our person.

Therefore, it is important to take care of our minds as well.

The mind represents the command pilot of your body, and the only way to keep it fit is to learn new information.

So, below we explain why it is so important to learn new things and how to train your brain and keep it sharp.

Why you have to train your brain

Learning is a feature that distinguishes us from the rest of living beings. We are the most evolved species on the planet because, by learning new information, we have been able to solve increasingly complex problems.

All this is taught by history, both ancient and contemporary. As time progresses, we have been faced with increasingly complex challenges.

We can find examples in any field, from engineering to technology, astronomy, medicine, science, physics, etc.

Today we are able to carry out tasks that were unthinkable up to 50 years ago. Think for example of communication. Nowadays it is possible to instant message even between people located in opposite parts of the world.

Train your mind to solve more problems

We believe that solving problems without having the necessary resources is impossible. However, this is not the case.

We have shown this several times by facing various adversities, such as epidemics, climate change, natural disasters.

We are no longer used to facing problems head-on, to coming into contact with unpleasant sensations. In fact, the most common reaction to them is flight, through compensation.

There are a thousand ways to “anaesthetize” pain, such as food, drugs, or continuously browse the home of social media.

We are no longer able to interact with the things we don’t like but to destroy them, hide them or ignore them. We must find the courage to change.

So, below we will identify 5 practical tips to train the brain, and get in touch with ourselves. All of this will allow you to face problems, get to know yourself better and make a total change in your life.

The best Brain exercises to train your mind and keep it fit

1.Take the time to have nothing to do

Time is a fundamental resource, the most important of all. In fact, we find ourselves having enough when we can now do very few things, that is, after retirement. For this reason, more and more people today try to build a future in a way that does not depend on retirement.

Have you ever wondered why as children we have more creativity and more energy? Simple, because as children we have time to get bored. In fact, it is precisely from boredom that children are driven to create fun for themselves.

Therefore, we are driven to seek, create or invent new solutions starting from the problems.

Today there is no longer the possibility of doing this. Even children no longer have time to be bored, because they are overwhelmed with commitments. Or, because they are continually provided with tools that solve boredom for them.

So, take some time for yourself, to disconnect, to be alone too. This will give your mind a new lease on life.

2. Hang out with people other than yourself

Let’s say a guy has back pain, and he decides to get help.

The physiotherapist tells him it’s a postural problem. The orthopedist tells him that it could be a herniated disc. The radiologist prevents a fracture with his x-ray. Finally, the psychologist thinks it is psychosomatic pain.

Who will be right?

Of course, in this example, it is enough to do all the necessary tests to find the cause of the back pain.

However, the same happens with the vision of reality. If you always hang out with the same people, you will end up engulfing their way of seeing the world.

Conversely, if you compare yourself with cultures, customs and habits different from yours, you will be able to see the world from multiple points of view.

It is not intelligence, nor a precise model of thought, which gives an extra gear, but the integration of knowledge.

Therefore, remove the labels, read many books, train on new things and approach new cultures. Diversity is a value, not an obstacle.

3. Train your presence in the here and now

When we are immersed in chaos it is difficult to concentrate. Likewise, when many thoughts cloud your rationality, it is difficult to make the right decisions.

Therefore, it is important to identify the negative thoughts and emotions that make decisions for you and to take control. Subsequently, they can be directed in the best way or eliminated altogether.

We cannot control all the events that happen to us. However, the reaction to them depends on us.Therefore, practice taking control of your mind, starting with identifying negative emotions. To do this, you need to be present here and now, not anchored in what happened, or could happen.

4. Train memory and concentration

As mentioned before, it is very important to train the ability to solve problems, starting to face them instead of avoiding them.

To do this, memory and concentration are very important resources. Therefore, as with all abilities, they must be trained and cultivated.

First, to start, do one thing at a time, multitasking is not healthy for memory and concentration. This is confirmed by various scientific researches.

In addition, you can train your brain by doing some logic exercises, for example by solving riddles, or math problems.

If numbers are not your forte, you can solve puzzles, or practice memorizing some sequences of objects.

5. Take care of your body to improve the performance of the mind

Mind and body are closely related. This is one of the few certainties scientists have about the innumerable yet unknown characteristics of the brain.

Therefore, to improve the performance of the mind it is also necessary to take care of your body.

First of all, you need to do regular physical activity. Its importance has also been scientifically proven for the health of our brain.

In addition, it is also necessary to get used to a correct diet, followed by proper hydration, to eliminate the toxins released by digestion.

Finally, try to avoid smoking, alcohol and bad habits harmful to the body as much as possible.

These are the most used solutions to combat stress, which are easier but also the most incorrect. In fact, they create more damage than they resolve.

In addition, smoking and alcohol act on the symptom, not the cause of the stress.

If you intervene on the root cause of your constant state of stress, you can definitively solve the problem.

Only all this will allow you to live your life to the full.



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