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Self-confidence: 3 killer techniques to boost it

How to build self-confidence every day

Lack of self-confidence is the real cause of all our failures. What are you doing today to achieve your goals? Have you ever wondered who you will be in 5 or 10 years? If the answer is yes, it means that there is still a driving force inside you that leads you to growth. Self-realization makes us alive. Self-esteem is at the basis of this.

In this article, you will discover the 3 main killer actions you can do to defeat insecurity. Why? Insecurity is true as the number one enemy that stops us from achieving what we want. Besides, I will show you how to build your self-confidence day after the day for limitless success in everything you want to do.

Self-confidence is an ongoing process

Self-esteem is self-confidence as well. It evolves continuously. It is not innate. It represents a process and we must feed it at every stage. It never stops renewing itself. This quality is fundamental because it allows us to achieve and grow. Growth is one of the basic needs of man. Despite this, care must be taken not to get confused with presumption or pride, which is the belief of being superior to others, followed by attitudes of detachment and contempt. These attitudes differ from the esteem and trust you feel for your person.

Confidence towards ourselves enables us to adapt to any situation and make our life wonderful. However, insecurity is a sentiment that we all experience it. Don’t’ Worry! There are no insecure people, only people who feel insecure. In other words, you have to decide which feeling to feed and which to move away.

Tip number one: Permit Yourself to Fail

We nourish self-esteem through a series of positive judgments towards our work. The meaning we attach to our actions plays a very important role. If we care more about the result than about the action itself, we are wrong. Giving a positive meaning to each of our mistakes increases self-esteem in a truly impressive way. Moreover, failure is our ally for growth, it allows you to raise the level of learning. The most important thing to do after a failure is to give yourself constructive feedback. It consists of focusing on the solution and not on the problem by asking a few simple questions:

  • What have I been good at?

  • What are the areas where I can improve?

  • How can I improve them?

  • What did I learn next time?

All the greatest traders in history have experienced failures during their career. 10 per cent of our lives are conditioned by what happens, 90 per cent by how you react. Don’t get down!

Tip number two: challenge your inner self and break out of your comfort zone

Challenging ourselves is the most effective food for nurturing self-esteem. Even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones count. Have you ever wondered if the decisions you make will make you achieve a goal? Or to get away from fear? It is a physiological emotion, we all try it and we all tend to avoid it. What makes the difference is the choice to face this unpleasant emotion or avoid it, between growing or stopping.

We all have limits that prevent us from reaching our goals. The key to doing so is to push them further and further. When you experience discomfort, fear or anxiety (not in pathological form) it means that you are breaking out of your “comfort zone”, which is a state of perception of a total absence of risk. Only by leaving this area can we feed self-esteem, learn new skills and achieve results.

Tip number three: compare yourself with yourself

A comparison is a useful tool for self-evaluation and there are several types. The most productive one is the one with yourself, with the previous version of you. Ask yourself often: “How was I 1 year ago? What have I changed in the meantime? ” If you see yourself improved in something, albeit tiny, you are on the right track.

What you need to pay close attention to is the comparison with others, with people who have already obtained what you would like. Every person you are inspired by has experienced difficulties and made mistakes, often different from yours.

However, the comparison could also undermine self-esteem when done incorrectly. Many Instagram profiles, for example, represent the best part of a person’s life, we often delude ourselves that this is the total reality. Failures or difficulties are not published, so we risk comparing ourselves to false truths and end up underestimating ours.

Habits of Highly Self-Confident People

Highly self-confident people stand out not for the results achieved but for the positive attitude in everyday life. As said before, self-esteem is a process in continuous evolution that must be nourished starting from small daily actions.

Who is self-confident is happy with his life but never satisfied. Self-confident people are hungry for knowledge and love to train themselves in whatever area interests them. They complete everything that they begin.

Nobody is born predestined or unlucky. Happiness is a habit that must be assimilated over time. Whoever makes it enjoys every single day, gives importance to the route as much as to the result to be achieved. Finally, a healthy lifestyle is essential for personal growth, even the food you eat tells a lot about you.

Building self-confidence every day

Self-confidence is a journey that requires continuous internal and external work. Always be yourself, think positive, smile, show gratitude and surround yourself with friendships that renew you, not that consume you. When can you begin to glimpse self-confidence? When you start investing and betting on yourself and your skills.

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